Expertise and Experience

McKinley Consulting has a wide area of expertise, gained over many decades in the industry and can manage projects of any size.

Site Selection: strategy, characterisation plan, geosynthesis, 4D Site Descriptive Model development.

Near-field geochemical evolution, geochemical databases for performance assessment, model testing via field and analogue studies, geomicrobiology.

Development and implementation; designing, running and interpreting experiments, coordination of multidisciplinary, international projects.


Web-based communication platforms, publications, videos, lectures, teaching and training, linguistic polishing of documents.

Development of advanced disposal concepts, assessment and comparison of options, tailoring of designs to site conditions, testing of concepts in URLs.

Measurement and modelling of the distribution of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in the environment; experimental study of radionuclide migration in the laboratory and in URLs.

Development of NA concepts in support of radwaste disposal safety cases, planning and initiation of NA projects, reviews of NA projects, use of NAs in public communication materials.

Development and integration of R&D programmes, participation in top-level technical advisory committees, development of advanced programme management tools.

Assessment of operational safety for a wide range of disposal concepts, use of operational safety/robustness to differentiate between repository designs.

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