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McKinley Consulting has a wide area of expertise, gained over many decades in the industry and can manage projects of any size.


Web-based communication platforms, publications, videos, lectures, teaching and training, linguistic polishing of documents.

Expertise in Communication Expertise in Communication


Geological disposal projects are implemented over timescales lasting from decades to centuries and must demonstrate safety over hundreds of thousands or millions of years.

Communication – and associated training to assure transfer of tacit knowledge – is a key issue, both internally within implementing and regulatory organisations and externally with politicians, professional organisations, academia, the general public and any other interested stakeholders.

Extensive experience was gained through general and bespoke courses run by the International Training Centre (ITC), video projects and communication platforms developed for presentation of Japanese safety cases and Fukushima remediation.




CoolRep - or cool reporting - is the next generation in scientific reporting. It is structured to be accessed on a computer and to make use of the multitude of communication tools that are available from modern software and/or accessible over the internet. The fundamental goal is that CoolRep should serve as a gateway that allows any user to access the information they desire, at a suitable level of technical detail and in a format that is most convenient for them.

ITC Training Course

Training course run by ITC in Tokyo

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