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Dr Susie Hardie

  • Position: Co-ordinator
  • Expertise: Stable and radioisotope chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Contaminated land remediation, Communication, Radioactive waste management, Carbon cycling, Greenhouse gases
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Dr Susie Hardie has 2 decades of experience in environmental research and radioactive waste management.


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Dr Susie Hardie has 20 years` experience in radioactive waste management and environmental research. Since 2011, she has been particularly involved in projects related to the accident at Fukushima Daiichi (1F), spending months in Japan as a visiting Research Fellow with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) team in Fukushima city, assisting documentation of off-site remediation and assessment of radiocaesium mobility. In addition, she has supported studies of 1F on-site stabilisation and planning of decommissioning, with special emphasis on management of fuel debris / hot particles and a holistic approach to waste disposal. Dr Hardie acts as coordinator for a wide range of other work carried out in Japan, including review / English documentation of a safety case for co-disposal of HLW and TRU by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan and a spent fuel feasibility study by JAEA. A focus of work has been development of optimised disposal concepts that place emphasis on operational safety, practicality and reduction of costs / environmental impact. For such work, a range of advanced knowledge management tools are used to comprehensively capture potential natural and human perturbations and identify trade-offs between operational and post-closure safety. Dr Hardie was also involved in a feasibility study for a waste disposal facility for damaged nuclear facilities in Iraq.

Susie has a PhD in stable and radioisotope chemistry. As a post-doctoral researcher in Scotland for 5 years, her research focussed on the use of stable and radioisotopes (d2H, d13C, d15N, d18O,14C, 137Cs, 210Pb, 241Am, 239/240Pu, 238U-234U-230Th) to study environmental and geological processes. Environmental research projects included: remediation of heavy metal contaminated land, carbon cycling in peatlands (including novel technology development to enable radiocarbon dating of methane and carbon dioxide) and the authentication of Scotch whisky. Geological research projects have included investigations into the mobility and behaviour of radionuclides within natural bentonite clay and pillow lavas for the Cyprus Natural Analogue Project.



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Mar 2022                  Invited presentation Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022, March 11-13 2022. Improving safety while minimising environmental impacts:                                     re-assessing radwaste disposal: 

Sep 2017                 1F and the hot particle problem, APSORC 2017, September 17th - 22nd, Jeju Island, South Korea. Oral presentation.

July 2015                 Chemical challenges for safety cases supporting geological disposal of radioactive waste1st Chemistry in Energy Conference,                                           Edinburgh, July 20th – 22nd. Oral presentation.

Aug 2014                 Invited paper at the International Union of Materials Research Societies, Fukuoka, Japan, August 24th - 30th, 2014, “Management                                      Options for Fukushima Corium”.

Jan 2014                  Invited presentation at SGK (Swiss Nuclear Society) on McKinley Consulting's work in Japan, especially that related to the accident                                    at Fukushima Dai-ichi, “Fukushima remediation – the Swiss Connection”.

Dec 2013                  Invited presentation given to the Swiss ambassador and staff at the Swiss embassy in Tokyo on McKinley Consulting's work in                                             Japan, in particular, the work carried out in support of Fukushima, “Fukushima – the Swiss Connection”.

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