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With many years of comprehensive knowledge and experience in multi-disciplined fields

Dr Fiona Neall

  • Position: Associate Consultant
  • Expertise: Geochemistry, Radiochemistry, Communication to technical audiences, the media and general public, Radioactive waste management
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With more than 20 years experience, including 15 years as a consultant, in the radioactive waste management industry in a wide range of areas, including direct involvement in repository projects requiring an integrated approach to repository design, safety assessment and site characterisation.


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Involvement in design development and engineering projects in several countries has also allowed an unusual breadth of experience concerning tailoring repository concepts for specific sites or environments and optimisation of the concepts for practicality, operational safety and cost.

A strong geological and geochemical background with experience in providing geochemistry and geochemical modelling support to safety assessments, as well as laboratory, URL and field programmes, the use of experimental and natural analogue information, and production of consistent models and databases.

In-depth expertise of cement chemistry, interactions of cement/concrete with the surrounding engineered and geological environment, and long-term physico-chemical evolution of cement/concrete systems.


  • Dragon spent fuel carbon evolution in a GDF – project for RWM involving development of a conceptual geochemical and radiological model for pyrolytic carbon and graphite evolution in the post-closure period, including the supporting arguments, as part of the criticality safety assessment for these wastes.  Confirming criticality safety under GDF ILW near-field conditions allows the potential for disposal of this small waste stream as cement-encapsulated ILW, avoiding reprocessing and repackaging of the experimental spent fuel.
  • Team leader for the project to identify preferred disposal options for depleted, natural and low-enriched uranium and author of the report synthesising the results of the Uranium Integrated Project Team work over three years evaluating the operational and post-closure safety and engineering feasibility of wasteform, packaging and disposal concept options for DNLEU.  Nearer-surface disposal concepts (depth < ~200m) were included in this project alongside geological disposal options. DNLEU was considered as a ‘third’ waste type in addition to RWM’s categories of low heat generating waste (L/ILW) and high heat generation waste (HLW and spent fuel) because of the size of the potential UK inventory of these materials.  The project resulted in a change to RWM’s reference disposal concept for DNLEU.
  • Co-author (with Russell Alexander) of a review of the Swedish SFR (low level waste) repository safety assessment process with identification of ways in which near-field problems and open questions identified by regulatory review can be handled in future safety assessments;
  • Posiva Safety Case 2012 – editor of the Complementary Considerations Report that brings together the analogue (natural, anthropogenic and site-specific) arguments supporting the whole safety case for the SF repository at Olkiluoto. In addition, author of chapters on naturally-occurring radionuclides (NORM and TENORM), discussed in detail as background and context for consideration of the significance of the safety case results;
  • Co-author (with Russell Alexander) of an assessment for Posiva of potential perturbations around the spent fuel repository at Olkiluoto caused by the excavation and operation of the ONKALO facility, Olkiluoto, Finland.
  • Main contributing author on repository design and safety assessment to the NDA report on geological disposal options for vitrified high-level waste (HLW) and spent nuclear fuel (SF) in the UK (reported as Baldwin, Chapman & Neall 2008). Also a supporting role in the associated project for ILW disposal options (Hicks et al. 2008);
  • Posiva/SKB KBS-3H Safety studies – main author of the Complementary Evaluations of Safety Report (Posiva 2007-10) and co-author of the safety assessment Summary Report (Posiva 2007-06). Experience as part of the team developing and assessing implementation of the novel horizontal variant of the well-known KBS-3 disposal concept at the Finnish Olkiluoto site;
  • Co-author (with Russell Alexander) of a review of the understanding of hyperalkaline plume impacts on radionuclide migration carried out for RWMC (Japan).  This was a wide-ranging review of the influence of potential hyperalkaline effects arising from the interaction between a cementitious repository and groundwater, and included a final section with suggestions for how models used for post-closure safety assessment could be better supported by natural analogue data and understanding with respect to radionuclide migration in the geosphere.
  • Member of the Nagra technical support group for the JNFL Rokkasho L-1 (ILW) repository;
  • Teaching components of courses (e.g. Repository design, construction and operation; Cement and cementitious materials in the disposal of radioactive waste; Development of a Safety Case) at the ITC School (Meiringen, Switzerland).
  • Input to the Nirex workshop (2001) considering the repercussions for EBS/near-field performance of the proposed delayed backfilling concept for disposal of ILW (reported in Nirex Report N/059, July 2002);

Radwaste publications (to 2012)
Safety assessment:
Alexander W.R. and Neall F.B. (2012): Re-examination of selected aspects of the likely evolution of the SFR-1 near field. Report for SKB, Stockholm, Sweden.
Kent J., Neall F.B. and Newton J. (2016): Geological Disposal. Factors affecting the disposability of unirradiated DU tails and MDU.  RWM Technical Note 1207-DCD-1-1, Issue 1.2, August 2016.
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Neall F.B. and Smith P.A. (Eds.) (2004): H12: Examination of safety assessment aims, procedures and results from a wider perspective. JNC Technical Report JNC TY1400 2004-001, JNC (now JAEA), Tokai-mura, Japan.
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Cementitious systems:
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Alexander W.R. and Neall F.B. (2011): NDA RWMD Colloid Strategy Review Workshop. NDA RWMD Harwell, 10-11th March, 2011. MCM International Technical Note to NDA-RWMD, MCM-TN-11-01, MCM International, Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland.
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Repository design, engineering and operation
Baldwin T., Chapman N.A. and Neall F.B. (2008): Geological Disposal Options for High-Level Waste and Spent Fuel. NDA Report 5570, January 2008.
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Older publications
Neall F.B. (1987): Sulphidation of iron-rich rocks as a precipitation mechanism for large Archaean gold deposits in Western Australia: thermodynamic confirmation. Geology Department & University Extension, University of Western Australia, Publication No. 11, 265 - 269.
Neall F.B. and Phillips G.N. (1987): Fluid – wall rock interaction in an Archean hydrothermal gold deposit: a thermodynamic model for the Hunt Mine, Kambalda. Econ. Geol., 82, 1679 – 1694.
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Thiel D.V. and Neall F.B. (1989): VLF surface impedance measurements for ice-depth mapping in the Antarctic. J. Glaciology., 35, 197 – 200.

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