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Technical consulting services in radioactive waste management

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Mckinley Consulting

Oberer Rainweg 15
5070 Frick

Phone ++41 56 2840 321
Mobile ++41 78 8658 886

  Welcome to McKinley Consulting

A private company established in January 2005 to offer a range of technical consulting services in the field of management of radioactive (or other toxic) wastes, including

  • Strategic programme planning and review
  • Project concept development, implementation, evaluation and synthesis
  • Support in the production and review of technical documents and materials for communication with different audiences
  • Specialist staff training.

Fields of work include:

  • National / international repository programme planning
  • Site selection and characterisation
  • Repository design, construction and operation
  • Operational and post-closure safety assessment (incl. perturbation scenarios)
  • Geochemistry, incl. near-field, microbiology, colloids, high pH plume, etc.
  • Radiochemistry; radionuclide solubility and sorption / retardation - measurement & modelling
  • Underground test facility management
  • Natural analogues
  • Communication to technical audiences, the media and general public
  PDF File for downloadDownload the Argumentation Model Presentation for the GCCSI workshop - PDF File 10 MB Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe PDF reader installed
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